Serving the people of Mount Joy Township and West Donegal Townships




Officer’s Name Email Address Voicemail (717-689-5657)
Chief Mark Mayberry Ext. 101
Sgt. Mike Bryant Ext. 113
Sgt. Adam Shope Ext. 125
Detective Ken Henry Ext. 109
Detective Frank Ember Ext. 111
Detective Chuck Tobias Ext. 131
Officer Mike Shetter Ext. 130
Officer Harry Cleland Ext. 139
Officer Tyler Seidel Ext. 110
Officer Kris Hart Ext. 127
Officer Gavin Kline Ext. 120
Officer Seth Arnold Ext. 112
Officer Abby Shaeffer Ext. 124
Officer Frank Jones Ext. 123
Officer Carl Bergmark Ext. 144
Officer Brad Redinger Ext. 129
Officer Aaron McCoy Ext. 181
Officer Daniel Gordon Ext. 149
Officer Chris Good Ext. 128
Officer Evan Bigler Ext. 150
Part Time Officers
Officer Nicole Woods Ext. 146
Officer Josh Reager Ext. 147
Officer Ali Boutorabi Ext. 143
Officer Rick Gibble Ext. 145
Office Staff
Tracy King (Secretary) Ext. 100
Lisa Heilner (Secretary) Ext. 107