Serving the people of Mount Joy Township and West Donegal Townships


Officer’s name                      Email address      Voice mail: Is 717-689-5657 followed by Ext.

Chief Mark Mayberry – MMayberry@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext. 101

Lt. Carl Steinhart – CSteinhart@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext. 108

Sgt. Dan George – DGeorge@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 128

Sgt. Mike Bryant – MBryant@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mailExt. 113

Detective Ken Henry – KHenry@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext. 109

Detective Frank Ember – FEmber@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext.111

Tracy Hendrickson (Secretary) – THendrickson@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext.100

Grace Miller (Secretary) – GMiller@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail  Ext. 122

Officer Ken Whitebread – KWhitebread@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 126

Officer Randy Aument – RAument@NWRPD.ORG   Voice mail Ext. 129

Officer Mike Shetter – MShetter@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mailExt. 130

Officer Chuck Tobias – CTobias@NWRPD.ORG     Voice mail Ext. 131

Officer Harry Cleland – HCleland@NWRPD.ORG

Officer Adam Shope – AShope@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 125

Officer Tyler Seidel – TSeidel@NWRPD.ORG   Voice mail Ext. 110

Officer Kris Hart – KHart@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 127

Officer Gavin Kline – GKline@NWRPD.ORG Voice mail Ext. 120

Officer Seth Arnold – SArnold@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 112

Officer Abby Shaeffer – AShaeffer@NWRPD.ORG Voice mail Ext. 124

Officer Frank Jones – FJones@NWRPD.ORG    Voice mail Ext. 123

Officer Carl Bergmark – CBergmark@NWRPD.ORG Voice mail Ext. 144

Part-Time Officers

Officer Nicole Woods – NWoods@NWRPD.ORG

Officer Josh Reager – JReager@NWRPD.ORG

Officer Ali Boutorabi – ABoutorabi@NWRPD.ORG

Officer Rick Gibble –