Serving the people of Mount Joy Township and West Donegal Townships

Officer & Citizen Awards

Letter of Commendation
On November 20, 2013 Chief Mayberry presented a Letter of Commendation to Ms. Emma Smeal for her action on October 20, 2013 when a young female went into labor at a residence on Maytown Road.  Ms. Smeal delivered the baby without complication.  A job well done!

Elizabethtown students honored for “Do the Right Thing” program
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Officers Henry and Ember promoted to Detectives
Congratulation to Officers Kenneth Henry and Frank Ember for being promoted to Detective.  The department now has two full time Detectives to help solve crimes in our community.
Picture below (Detective Henry, Chief Mayberry, and Detective Ember.)
2014-01-28 Promotion Ember- Henry











Hiring of Police Officer
Officer Gavin Kline was hired as the 16th officer for the Northwest Regional Police.  Officer Kline graduated from HACC police academy November 2013 and resides in York County.  Congratulations to Officer Kline!
New Officer Kline - Mayberry












Elizabethtown Moose donates money to police department.
Moose Administrator Fran Vuxta and Moose Treasurer Jeff Vuxta present $1,200 to Chief Mayberry and Officer Tobias to upgrade their forensic camera for the department.  Thank you Elizabethtown Moose for you donation!

Moose Lodge presentation Mayberry- Tobias











Award of Valor to Dr. Miles Newman
On June 1st, 2014 members of the Northwest Regional Police Department attended the Retirement gathering for an outstanding Community Volunteer Dr. Miles G. Newman.
Dr. Miles G. Newman D.O. has been the driving force for the Northwest Lancaster County Area Advanced Life Support organization since at least 1980. The 76 yoa, Dr. Newman affectionately known as “Doc” is most likely one of, if not the only physician in the nation who actively responds to many emergency incidents including vehicle accidents, shootings, and hemi attacks as well as many other tragic life threatening incidents when they happen! “Doc” has been commonly known to leave his medical office to respond to a crash to treat the injured, all as a volunteer!

Dr. Newman had also served for many years as a Lancaster County Deputy Coroner.
Dr. Newman has been volunteering his time developing many advanced life support response and treatment techniques in Lancaster County for almost 5 decades. Dr. Newman doesn’t only create these effective protocols, he continues to actively respond to the incidents and works right with the Medic’s on many of these tragic events in the field, saving Thousands, if not Tens of Thousands of lives over the years.

Dr. Newman is now retiring from his medical practice and the Northwest Regional Police Department felt this would be a great time to recognize this incredible community volunteer who has even treated police officers in the field who have been involved in Vehicle Accidents and other injuries over the years.

The Northwest Regional police Department presented the very first Department award for VALOR to Dr. Miles G. Newman on June 1st 2014.

The Award medallion and Certificate was presented by Chief of Police Mark E. Mayberry, Police Officers Association President Mike Shetter, Vice President Charles Tobias, Detective Frank Ember Jr. and Police Officer Harry Cleland.

Newman Award presentation 2











2013 Aggressive Driving Law Enforcement Award Recipients – Region 2
Officer George and other officers from the area received an award for their hard work during the 2013 Aggressive Driving Enforcement Program. Nice job Officer George!







2013 DUI Top Gun Award 
On June 16, 2014 The DUI Council of Lancaster County awarded Officer Tobias and other officers within Lancaster County for their appreciation of their untiring efforts and dedication in the battle against impaired driving.  This is Officer Tobias’ third consecutive time for this award.  Congratulations to all officers!

DUI award












Officer of The Year
On June 24, 2014 Officer Shetter, President of Police Association, presented Officer Dan George with an “Officer of The Year” award. Officer George was chosen as “Officer of The Year” by his fellow officers. Congratulations to Officer George!

2014 Officer of Year Presentation










Officer Boutorabi awarded for action taken
Awarded for actions taken on February 20th, 2014 during a surveillance investigation into numerous Vehicle Break-Ins committed throughout Lancaster County.   Through surveillance conducted by Officer Ali Boutorabi at the Park & Ride lot on Cloverleaf Road, in Mount Joy Township, PA., the offenders were apprehended in the act of the crime.  While on the surveillance detail, utilizing his personal work vehicle as enticement, Officer Ali Boutorabi observed the offenders enter the lot.  One of the offenders broke out the window of the bait vehicle to gain entry and remove tools in committing the crime of Theft.  Officer Ali Boutorabi immediately took the offenders into custody until backup officers arrived.  The offenders were transported to the Northwest Regional Police Department for questioning.   It was learned that one of offenders, Everett Lee Pack, had an outstanding warrant for Burglary through another police agency.  During the questioning of the offenders it was learned they were responsible for numerous thefts from several different counties.  The outstanding actions taken by Officer Ali Boutorabi were instrumental in the capturing of the offenders.

2014 08 Boutorabi Award-













Jessica Tyson receives award 

Jessica Tyson was given the commendation certificate due to her quick actions in help saving a three year old child from drowning. On July 3rd, 2015, a three year old child entered the pool area at the Shady Oak Apartments. The child was unattended and after entering the pool area sat briefly at the edge of the pool. The child then jumped into the pool and started to go under water. Jessica’s quick actions to get the child out of the pool were instrumental in preventing the child from drowning.

Wilson Dejesus-Laboy was also present and acted quickly to get the child out of the pool. Wilson will also receive a commendation certificate


Jessica Tyson-4













Officer Bryant receives 2014 Officer of Year Award











Commendations to Elizabethtown Fire Department – Life Saving award

The Northwest Regional Police Department and the Northwest Regional Police Commission presented Commendations to four Elizabethtown Fire Department members; Jimmy Bamberger, Nick Hessong (not present), Ryan Myers, and Charles Kelly. On 20 July 2015, Elizabethtown Fire Department members responded to 218 Hershey Road for a person who suddenly went down. Upon their arrival they quickly assessed the person’s medical condition and began life saving actions. Their actions were instrumental in saving the person’s life.

EFD award












Award presentation

Last night at the Northwest Regional Police Commission meeting there were several awards presented to citizens of our community.

Officer Tobias did an award presentation to Firefighter Shawn Risser from Maytown Fire Department and DVM Benjamin Zimmerman from Companion Animal Hospital for their work during a water rescue of a canine “Charlie” stuck in an icy pond at Bear Creek Elementary.

Officer Bryant did an award presentation to Dmitriy Krichevskiy and Anna Goldina for their assistance in helping an elderly citizen prior to police arrival. Dmitriy and Anna assisted by staying with an elderly individual walking in the middle of Bainbridge Road. Their assistance was vital in making sure the individual wasn’t struck by a vehicle.

Good job to all!

Risser Award 1Award 3

















Sgt. Promotion

On April 19th, 2016 the Northwest Regional Police Department and the Northwest Regional Police Commission promoted Officer Daniel George to the rank of Patrol Sergeant.  Sergeant Dan George has been a valued member of the police department since December 1992.  Sergeant Dan George demonstrates leadership to all the members of the Northwest Regional Police Department.

Sgt Promo 3a









Officer Kline 2015 TOP GUN DUI Award

Officer Kline and George Geisler, who represents Pennsylvania DUI Association, received his 2015 TOP GUN DUI award today. Officer Kline had 39 Driving Under the Influence arrests in 2015. Congratulation Officer Kline!